Dog Boarding at Grandearca

During the day, the dogs staying at the Grandearca dog pension are free to run and play on the grass with their friends, divided by size and temperament, all under the watchful eye of an expert dog lover. In fact, approximately one hectare of Grandearca’s property is used as a play area, fenced into three large, wooded pastures. Less sociable dogs can safely remain in their individual gardens of 50 square meters, featuring wooden kennels.
Overnight, each dog stays in a comfortable room with paved floors, heated during the winter. Here, they each have a convenient doghouse and, depending on his nature, he can sleep alone or with friends. The dogs’ rooms are located on the ground floor of the house where we live, so the dogs are never alone, even at night.
Each day, every room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Meals are served several times a day, according to the personal needs of each guest. At meal times, dogs are accompanied to their own apartments, where everyone eats on their own, to avoid quarrels or mixing up special diets. The food is tailored to the dog’s personal needs. Fresh water is always available, both in their rooms and on the pastures.
Microchipping and vaccinations are mandatory for all guests.
Before your dog’s stay, it is highly recommended to gradually acclimate your dog to the environment, especially if it is his first experience in a kennel or if he is particularly anxious. During his visit, the new guest will make friends with us and become familiar with the place. For as smooth a transition as possible, we recommend starting this process at least a month before the stay.
At the end of his stay, we can also provide grooming services for your dog, upon request.
Dog boarding services are available year-round, along with the pick-up and drop-off service across all of Rome.