Cat Boarding at Grandearca

Our feline guests are housed in spacious rooms with terracotta tiled floors. Each cat has a peaceful environment that is bright and well-ventilated. Additionally, there is the option of booking a room with an attached private garden, so your cat will be free to move indoors and outdoors as he sees fit.
Each room is equipped with litter, continuously cleaned and disinfected. If you have more than one cat, there is no problem for them to stay together, given the large spaces available, both inside and in the attached private gardens.
As any cat lover knows, each cat has his own personality. We will take our time to figure out each particular cat’s needs, for example if he likes to play more or less, prefers to be extra pampered, or is particularly food-motivated.
To make it as comfortable and familiar as possible for your cat’s stay, you can bring things from home, such as a small bed or pillow or his favorite toy.
Meals are distributed in a way that does not disrupt the cat’s domestic habits, as we record the cat’s personal schedules and amount and method of administration.
Cat boarding services are available year-round, along with the pick-up and drop-off service across all of Rome.
We suggest you always book well in advance, especially during the peak season!
All our guests are required to be vaccinated with trivalent (RCP) and covered by a pesticide (such as Frontline or Stronghold).